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Very interesting cryptid chart I just came across on the web
Very interesting cryptid chart I just came across on the web . . . #bigfoot #bigfootsighting #discoveringbigfoot #sasquatch #camping #cabin #cabinlife #yeti ...
So here's a handy guide in case you decide to go looking for a cryptid near you: | The North American Cryptid Map
Image of (PRE-ORDER) "Know Your Cryptids!" Identification Chart!
Philadelphia Artist Releases First Cryptozoolog ical Map of the United States - Cryptozoology News
CRYPTIDS by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R on DeviantArt
Monsters in America: A cryptozoological map of the United States [962 x 731] ...
Cryptids Monsters and Mythical Creature Wall Mural - Wall Sticker Outlet
Here's a map I just updated showing NJ Cryptids. A hi-resolution link is in the comments.
Not to scale.
Name: Popobawa Area of Origin: Eastern Africa Popobawa (literally, “Bat Wing” in Swahili) is the name of an evil shapeshifting cryptid, believed by those in ...
Cryptid Creatures and Mysterious Monsters by on @DeviantArt
The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word cryptid as “An animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.
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Mongolian death worm- Mongolian cryptid: a huge red worm said to lurk in the gobi desert. It could spit out yellow acid that could corrode metal and could ...
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Bigfoot sightings in Northern America – seems like you can't go outside without running into him. Credit: Mangani's Bigfoot Maps
This is a cool little toy set that has the mothman, chupacabra, Jersey devil, Nessie, and Sasquatch! Frickin' hi… | Cryptozoology (The Science of WTF) ...
Want to be part of an old school creature feature?
Cryptids Poster
So now we can categorize cryptids on a new spectrum of discoverability as well, understanding that smaller or more crafty species (say a pixie or a ...
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The Lake Monsters of America
How did this traditional cannibal ogress come to be claimed by cryptozoology as a depiction of
Cryptid: The Swamp Beast Poster
... three boys were playing football on the school playground in the small West Virginia town of Flatwoods when they saw something flash across the sky and ...
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"Cryptid" is the quintessential creature feature throwback. We say throwback, but truth be told, it's not a complete throwback, as in the 50's sense.
What is the truth behind the Bigfoot legend?
What we've stumbled upon here is a means to actually measure and plot the closeness that cryptids have to evolutionary history.
The Cryptid Files: Pacific Giants
What do we mean by “old school”?
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And if you firmly don't believe Bigfoot could be real, well you're just part of the problem too. Dream bigger.
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websitecontribution_Page_1 websitecontribution_Page_2 websitecontribution_Page_3 websitecontribution_Page_4 Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America (9781502458216): Tyler Houck: Books
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These 7 Books Will Have Your Kid Searching for Bigfoot (And Other Awesome Cryptids!), While Expanding Their Minds - Motherly
Language of Flowers-good to know for my floral tattoo sleeve 8531 Santa Monica…
Cryptozoology ~ Fantastic Beasts And Fantastic Stories ~ Part 1 | HuffPost
Whats the scariest part of this picture, really?
Cryptid Script was written
Is it possible there are prehistoric animals previously thought extinct still roaming our planet
Cryptid Cuties Pins ...
Thanks as always, Google. You've done well.
An illustration from Everglades Skunk Ape Research Field Guide by David Shealy. (Photo: Courtesy
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15 Incredible Bigfoot Sightings of the Century (with Map)
Budget Breakdown
Legends of strange creatures have been with us since the beginning of time. Cryptozoologists study
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Legend of the Goatman: Horrifying Monsters, Cryptids and Ghosts Poster
Top Ten Cryptids
Cryptid LLC was born!
In other words: a real monster (that may not actually be real).
Florida Sea Monster
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YouTube Live Q & A Session Saturday April 7th at 2pm (EST)
The first annual Lizardman Festival and Comic Con was held June 8-10 at the S.C. Cotton Museum in Bishopville. Posters were designed by Gregbo Watson.
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A sketch drawn during the 1909 sightings outbreak. Most witnesses report the Jersey Devil to
Why So Many People Make Their Password 'Dragon'
Are stories of demons drawn from sightings of real-life creatures, or are these
I ...
Mothman Sightings and the Point Pleasant Silver Bridge Collapse | Exemplore
A drawing of a kappa that was supposedly captured on a beach in Japan in 1836
A map of North American with state boundaries. The states of Oregon, Washington and
A Field Guide to the Cryptids of North America: Dr. Courtney A. Shepherd: 9781540444257: Books
When I am enticed to think about Reptilian cryptids I immediately think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is not incorrect, but it is not exactly ...
Monsters in America: A Cryptozoological Map of the United States. Credit: Mark Adams
"Avatar Flight of Passage" Ride Review at Disney World's Pandora | Inverse
A window from a web browser. In the window is an online spreadsheet program that
... lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
{ 43*$ The Loch Ness Monster Is the Latest Cryptid to Have Its Very
My Top Five Cryptid Crushes
The single “Grace” is from their forthcoming full length; while the B-side “The Wallflowers” is exclusive to this release. An exciting sampling from a band ...
Eel Pig of Herrington Lake