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Some Zebras are born with brown stripes Stunning Zebra
Sometimes, zebras are born with some strange stripe patterns. These zebras are called black zebras. This photo illustrates the variety possible in the ...
golden zebra
love how baby zebras are born with brown stripes... but when they mature
melanistic zebra, Okavango Delta, Botswana
Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images
KCZoo Zebra Foal Aug 2010
Zebra foals are born with brown and white stripes.
Baby zebras are born with brown and white stripes. As thkey grow, thkeir stripes
melanistic zebra, Okavango Delta, Botswana
Some Zebras are born with brown stripes! National Geographic Animals, Types Of Animals,
Mountain Zebra, Dehoop Nature Reserve: brown nose and stripes all the way down the
What Color are the Stripes of a Zebra?
African Plains. Some Endangered
Grant's Zebra baby. (It's normal for baby zebras to have brown stripes, they begin to turn black between 9 and 18 months)
A zebra foal looks at its mother to memorize her unique stripe pattern.
4_A baby zebra caught visitors to Chester Zoo by surprise after it was born in front
Zebra Facts and Symbolic Meaning
Zebras are so much more than horses with stripes. (Photo: Joel Shawn/Shutterstock). Few animals are as striking as the zebra ...
melanistic zebra, Okavango Delta, Botswana
She is the 27th foal to be born at the Zoo as part of a European Endangered Species Programme and is an important addition to the species which is ...
Hartmann's mountain zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae) is a subspecies of the mountain zebra ©
Let's ...
A young zebra with brown and white stripes.
Closely related to horses and donkeys, the zebra (subgenuses Hippotigris and Dolichohippus) is best known for its black and white striped body.
She may be only three-weeks old but a rare baby zebra born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is already making her mom earn her racing stripes.
I also try and plane my trips to Africa with my guest when the babies have just been born. This is not always easy to do but if you are there when ...
Bright-striped zebras are easier to catch than uniformly coloured prey, the report claims
facts about zebras
Five New Reasons to Love Zebras
The ...
TD Zebra foal_4
Zebras have black-and-white stripes to keep horse flies at bay, say
Many Kenyan stories and tales are told of zebras to explain their unique behavior or looks
golden zebra
Why does a zebra have stripes? zebras at watering hole
zebra foal and mum
Grant's Zebra
zebra foal Zebras ...
Walt Disney World Resort More Walt Disney World Resort Stories
How many zebras? This photo from South Africa shows an incredible optical illusion
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From ...
Zebra Stripes Are Unique
melanistic zebra, Okavango Delta, Botswana
Two zebras fighting, Botswana
If the zebra has the Grant's sturdy build, but thinner two-toned stripes it is one of three subspecies. The Burchell's zebra, the Chapman's zebra and the ...
The Horse with Stripes By Ava.C 
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Family is important to zebras. (Photo: Chantal de Bruijne/Shutterstock)
thirsty zebras
When a baby is born, called a foal just like a horse, they can run with the group within a couple of hours of being born. How cool is that? zebras running
The black zebra with a normal zebra
2_11696273_919117988126620_6212390494441930601_o. 3_11143470_919118004793285_338292678757178078_o. 4_11033075_919117998126619_5975114748841858847_o
feeding baby smiling zebras baby ...
Zebra Facts For Kids
Baby Zebra
... zebras grazing in the dead of the night when it is pitch black Zebras have a very good eyesight just like any big cats of the African Savannah as well.
Zebra. Zebras herd
Scientific Name: equus grevyi. Habitat: semi-desert plains and savanna of Kenya & Ethiopia Diet: grasses, bark, fruit, and leaves
Zebra and foal
Two zebras walk through tall grass at Disneys Animal Kingdom park
It is believed that the zebra's stripes work like camouflage so when zebras stand together, it is harder for predators to determine how many zebras are in ...
Baby Grevy's Zebra born at Chester Zoo
Memory ...
A close-up of a Zebra.
Zebras Werribee
If you've ever been to the zoo and seen the zebras you probably thought they are pretty amazing, right? A zebra who is a mammal, is a wild animal that's ...
A mix between a Grevy Zebra and a Horse ...
Most of the babies are born between May and August. The young zebra has brown stripes ...
Some zebra foals are born with brown stripes! Their stipes often turn black at between 9 and 18 months of age, but some zebras remain brown for life.
Amazing African Animals: Amazing African Zebras With White Stripes and Zebras With Black Stripes
Some zebra foals are born with brown stripes! Their stipes often turn black at between 9 and 18 months of age, but some zebras remain brown for life.
SALBE will always live here at Zebras R Us. Salbe had a very hard life
feeding baby smiling zebras ...
Grevy's zebras grow up to nine feet long, weigh up to 990 pounds, and stand up to almost five and a half feet at the shoulder. On average, males are about ...
zebra. Zebras ...
zebra identification guide - a tale of some tushies
Horses in Stripes: Zebras
25 Amazing Facts About Zebras
Two large hoofed animals with bold black and white stripes ...