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Agent Venom Pencils Dale Keown Inks Gerardo S MARVEL
Agent Venom (Corporal Eugene Thompson) | art by Dale Keown
Agent Venom |
Venom by Dale Keown
AGENT VENOM - DALE KEOWN by Sandoval-Art on DeviantArt Marvel Comic Universe, Marvel
Agent Venom
Agent Venom - by Pencils: Dale Keown, Inks: Gerardo Sandoval, Colors: Billy Van
Black panther #1 by Dale keown Comic Art
Agent Venom by evnaccd
Agent Venom
Venom #1 Dale keown Comic Art Comic Book Wallpaper, Anime Sketch, Amazing Spiderman
Art by Dale Keown. Venom 2099 by Dale Keown
(Venom: Space Knight #13)
Agent Venom - Stefano Caselli
Agent Venom by Joe Quinones.
VENOM 23 cover. by on @deviantART Comic Book Covers
Tarantula (Venom, Thompson)
Venom Venom Comic Book, Marvel Comic Books, Comic Books Art, Comic Art,
Venom by Dale Keown and Joseph Vitzen Marvel Comic Universe, Marvel Characters, Comic Book
Captain America, Cable, Hulk & Wolverine by Dale Keown (Marvel comics)
Darkness by Dale Keown
Lee Price Venom In search of a new host after being separated from Flash Thompson, the symbiote came across former Army Ranger Lee Price when he was about ...
latest (1031×1566)
Original Comic Art titled Pitt Crew Cover *Dale Keown*, located in Erik's For Sale (maybe).
#Agent #Venom #Fan #Art. (Venom #22 Cover) By
Iron Man - #armor #artbook #artist #artwork #avengers #book #civilwar #comicbook #comics #cover #creation #creative #drawer #drawing #illustration #ink ...
Agent Venom Venom 2099, Venom Art, Marvel Comic Character, Marvel Characters, Marvel
Agent Venom by Mike Del Mundo and Kev Walker
Venom vs. Captain America in Venom #10
venom spiderman inks by on @deviantART Venom Spiderman
Agent Venom Space Knight by DStevensArt on @DeviantArt Simbiontes, Hombre Araña, Universo Marvel
Dale Keown Wolverine x Men Original Illustration | eBay Man Sketch, Logan Wolverine, Comic
Hulk by Dale Keown
Venom Flash Thompson by on @deviantART
Pitt #2 (1993-1995) Image Cover pencils by Dale Keown, inks
Agent Venom! I heard that he will make an appearance in season 3 of Ultimate Spiderman. I hope they do him justice!
Agent Venom in Pen by iamtheNoNamer
Agent Venom & Secret Avengers by Art Adams
Marvel Comics has shared with Comic Frontline solicitation information for products shipping in September 2018 as Marvel's Fresh Start continues.
Agent Venom ARTFX+ Figure Coming Soon
marvel heroes 2015 adds agent venom and carnage
Bronze Age Babies: BAB Classic: The Comics Code Authority: Revised to Relax, Part 3
Karen: This is where the fun begins. Of course, the 'intruder' is Iron Fist. He's looking for Misty Knight. Why he drops through the skylight rather than ...
marvel heroes 2015 adds agent venom and carnage
The Verdict -- To Buy or Not To Buy?
Agents of SHIELD's 50th anniversary gets celebrated with the Marvel Comics Solicitations for September 2015.
Karen: Cut to Morbiu ...
I came to these characters in roughly the same time frame, circa 1972. I “met” Quicksilver in the pages of Marvel Triple Action #13, a reprint of Avengers ...
Bronze Age Babies: BAB Two-In-One: Werewolf Astronauts and Spiders, Panthers, and Dinosaurs -- Oh My!
Karen: Welcome to the conclusion of our look at the storyline collectively known as "Under Siege," certainly one of the most popular Avengers' sagas and one ...
In 1966 Aurora Plastics started a line of model kits featuring superheroes from Marvel and DC, including Superman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America and ...
Doug: The first thing you might notice here is that the days of the quarter comic book are certainly fleeting! Man, was I depressed when I first encountered ...
Bronze Age Babies: BAB Two-In-One: Mutants and Martial Arts Mayhem and Marvel's Archie Mag
Karen: So who's ready for part three? We've been rather hard on this storyline, but now we're in the home stretch, and I can say while this isn't a classic, ...
Marvel Comics Solicitations for September 2015
Giant-Size July: Marvel Two-In-One Annual 2
... and Bob McLeod; Marvel Fanfare #4 has pictures provided by Paul Smith and Terry Austin. Shoot, those art teams alone are reason enough to revisit!
... mean, the Marvel way! Below you can see the cover rough and the areas Stan marked up, as well as the final cover and how it changed (note Giant-Man's ...
classic venom joins marvel puzzle quest game
How Small Problems Become Big Problems: Avengers 140
Karen: Today we start a two-part review, and it's sort of doing double-duty: one, it's part of our "Heroes and Horrors" line-up for October, and two, ...
What is a real treasure here are the larger images that were shot from the original art -- in some instances the pencils beneath the inks are visible, ...
Angered and confused, Wundarr picks up the cab and throws it wildly. But the Bashful One quickly gets out of his trenchcoat, catches the cab, and then it's ...
The fracas was sort of fun, as we got to see Foster's powers on display right away -- this had been a theme through the Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman books, ...
Jeez, where to begin? Maybe I should have titled this category "The Great". If you want to gush over the pencil work of John Buscema, then this is for you!
As our story opens, we see a pretty downcast clown, Darrell, who proceeds to 'take the last train out'.
Karen: Jarvis must be a pretty tough guy, because Hyde really seems to be whaling away on him. Even though very little is shown, it's still hard to take, ...
As I've mentioned in past posts, I am not a fan of his work. I have nothing against the guy ...
Avengers-Defenders War, part 3
... and Bob McLeod; Marvel Fanfare #4 has pictures provided by Paul Smith and Terry Austin. Shoot, those art teams alone are reason enough to revisit!
Yep, tune back in one week from today when we'll actually bring you the succeeding issue. I only got three Hulks in the eBay victory, and this next week ...
Doug: Marvel sure milked the "distrusting cop" thing, didn't they? If Marvel Time was real time, super-heroes would have been around for over 40 years by ...
Karen: The shot of Druid's eyes and the image of the Knight above them was pure Buscema to me. Did ol' Doctor D seem like a huge dude -I mean tall and ...
Of course, Conway was also the editor on Avengers then, so he could do whatever he wanted. Lot of that going around, I guess!
Thursday, August 11, 2016
A Modern Stone Age Fantasy - Marvel Fanfare 1-2
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... and is particularly interesting when the discussion turns to the work of Tom Palmer -- during their first long collaboration on the Avengers, ...
Sorry - small scanner bed!
Champions TPB (2017- Marvel) 4-1ST ...
Marvel was all over pop culture trends in the early 70s, weren't they? Martial arts, Evel Knieval-inspired daredevils, etc. were everywhere.
Marvel Agent Venom | Double O Section
Karen: Howdy folks, we're back with part two of our review of "Under Siege." Last time around, I made a remark about how many muscle-headed dopes Zemo had ...
Karen: By the late 70s, DC had plenty of legacy characters -the Super-Squad, the Huntress, and so on. At this point, only Wanda and Pietro could trace their ...
Agent Venom and Andi in Venom #42
The Avengers marvel at this event, and watch Zemo's next move. But before the Nazi can do anything, who should burst through a window but Captain America ...
Karen: I love seeing the rough versions! Thanks Doug. So here's a question for you all: what comes to mind when you think of a 'Marvel-style' cover?
Top 5 Comic This Week
... of Avengers, but I looked through the annuals and several issues and couldn't find it. The closest I came was the image next to it, from Avenger 71.
Doug: I'm sure there are those among our readers who didn't even know this magazine existed. There's actually a second issue that features the Avengers, ...
Buy/Bid – Iron Man #598